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MongoHouse Data Sharing

What is metadata, why is MongoHouse sharing only metadata?

Wikipedia’s explanation of “Metadata”:

Metadata is “data [information] that provides information about other data”.[1] Three distinct types of metadata exist: descriptive metadata, structural metadata, and administrative metadata.[2] Descriptive metadata describes a resource for purposes such as discovery and identification. It can include elements such as title, abstract, author, and keywords. Structural metadata is metadata about containers of data and indicates how compound objects are put together, for example, how pages are ordered to form chapters. It describes the types, versions, relationships and other characteristics of digital materials. [3] Administrative metadata provides information to help manage a resource, such as when and how it was created, file type and other technical information, and who can access it.[4]

This set of APIs does not provide the actual data, but rather the metadata of the actual data. It provides an interface for developers to query the GTA’s soldrecords.

This set of APIs is good for:

  1. building analytic applications;
  2. creating a report using data aggregation and re-organization;
  3. feeding to AI framework to support market prediction and machine learning/training.

This set of APIs is NOT good for:

However, this set of APIs is not suitable for creating an application to display and look up for a single data point. Some of the key information is intentionally hashed for a number of reasons:

  1. MongoHouse does not own the copyright of the data;
  2. MongoHouse cannot guarantee the integrity of the data;
  3. MongoHouse does not have a way to control how the data is re-distributed.

Purpose of this project

This API set is provided as a pilot test project, in order to learn:

  1. if there the demand is strong;
  2. if the data set is meaningful with the selected fields;
  3. if there are any legal/privacy concerns regarding this platform of data decentralization.

Data Synchronization Schedule gets indexed on every 15th day of the month, for previous month’s metadata set. The metadata is roughly 6 weeks behind’s main database.

To Get Started

  1. Create a account:;
  2. Fill in the application form:;
  3. Get comfortable with the APIs:

Project Status

This project is currently work-in-progress, and won’t get heavily focused on until:

  1. Strong interest drives extra funding for resource (engineering resource and infrastructure resource);
  2. Proven useful and meaningful;
  3. Externally acquired/funded by third-party who is willing to take ownership/co-ownership of the project.


Please email for help.

Bugs and Issues

Please use to report bugs.


License for this project: MIT (

License for the metadata set: GPLv3 (Tentatively,


Please email to get in touch with the core development team.


Finally, the court case is over.

Well, for now.

It’s safe to say that the sold information can be legally disclosed now.

This is a big step in the industry to move forward to be a transparent data-centric housing market. More data indicates more transparent. Education matters, but without the self-study materials, education is impossible.

This is not the final step. The final step IMO would be pushing the government agencies to maintain a central data repository, so different real estate boards across the country can share the data nationwide. It’s not right to ask a private sector agency such as a real estate board to maintain such database. If it’s public information, it should be maintained by the public agency.

Moreover, this helps protect the privacy of the parties involved in a particular transaction, leaving just the address, price and other fact-based information in the database but nothing else. With government’s regulation, this database can include private sales and other types of transactions, which will be very useful to the market watchers, entrepreneurs, data scientists and researchers.

For the full story, please visit, for the details of the case, please visit

MongoHouse is also rolling out new plans to accommodate the ruling, the new plans will be available tomorrow (December 2nd, 2017) after performing database backup and server migration.

Regular Membership Subscription ($1.99/month):

  • 1 years Sold Records via Quick Search
  • 90 days Sold Records via Map View
  • Up to 3 Years of Pirce History in listing detail page
  • Weekly Email Digest (optional)

Premium Membership Subscription ($5.99/month) FREE:

  • 5 years Sold Records via Quick Search
  • 360 days Sold Records via Map View
  • Up to 10 Years Price History in listing detail page
  • Weekly Email Digest (optional)

In addition, MongoHouse will start developing APIs, for easy access to the MongoHouse’s raw database. We believe this will help the industry moving forward to be even faster. Please stay tuned.

Change of Service Notice

Change of Service Notice

There will be a change of service starting Friday 2017/12/01. The change includes the following:

MongoHouse has been online for just a little bit more than 2 years now. Since the beginning, MongoHouse has been a not-for-profit organization and serving millions of Torontonians showing them the information that matters when they make an important decision in the housing market.

With the continuous growth of traffic to the website, it’s no longer sustainable to run as a not-for-profit organization.

The first change that may impact most of the users is to enforce email verification. This is to make sure that all users will be able to receive emails from MongoHouse in the future in case of any change of service. Please consult the Privacy section in the Terms and Conditions page to learn more how MongoHouse will use your email. Again, in short, MongoHouse will never spam you with email marketing messages and will never share your email to third-party without your permission.

The change coming in December will enable MongoHouse to monetize from the website’s traffic. This is done by running ads throughout the website and offering premium membership subscriptions.

MongoHouse is partnering with Google AdSense, Media ReConnect and Yesup Media to deliver the ads. MongoHouse will carefully pick the ads to make sure they fit the website and its audience the best. To learn more about the MongoHouse ads, please visit MongoHouse ads are to serve the target audience in these regions in the Greater Toronto Area.


The ads will show on the map view, individual listing page and daily report, in a form of banner at the moment.

There will be 2 paid membership subscriptions. Regular Member and Premium Member. Meanwhile, the courtesy free plan (30 Days sold Records) remains free to everyone as long as their email is verified.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 3.02.32 PM

MongoHouse Alternative Accesses

Main Information

.info information domain:

Important Notice Tuesday 2017/04/04

All services have been migrated, including WeChat access end-point. MongoHouse apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate understanding.

Alternative Accesses

.com primary domain:
.house domain:
.info blog:
.cn Chinese domain:


MongoHouse welcomes all thoughts! Please leave us a comment in the comment section.

Important Notice

Important Notice Tuesday 2017/04/04

All services have been migrated, including WeChat access end-point. MongoHouse apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate understanding.

Alternative Accesses

.com primary domain:
.house domain:
.info blog:
.cn Chinese domain:


MongoHouse welcomes all thoughts! Please leave us a comment in the comment section.

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MongoHouse First Month Report 2016/09/12 – 2016/10/12

What a great first month for THANK YOU, Torontonians!


  • Sessions: 38,587
  • Users: 10,865
  • Pageviews: 401,267
  • Pages / Session: 10.40
  • Avg. Session Duration: 00:05:47
  • Bounce Rate: 20.30%
In the coming months remaining in 2016, more features will be added to MongoHouse to enhance the user experience:
  • More search options in the Search Aggregator;
  • Enhanced filters on the Map Search Views (Open Houses, New Listings and Sold Records);
  • Refined School information including the latest rankings, updated school boundaries, and French/Private schools.

Once again, thank you for your support!