Important Notice

Important Notice Tuesday 2017/04/04

All services have been migrated, including WeChat access end-point. MongoHouse apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate understanding.

Alternative Accesses

.com primary domain:
.house domain:
.info blog:
.cn Chinese domain:


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7 thoughts on “Important Notice

  1. Great website, keeps buyers, sellers and home owners informed with this fast paced market. However something must have gone wrong with the migration cause all sold prices are blurred. I hope it can be fixed, thanks


  2. I used to be able to see the sold price, after the migration, I have to be registered to see the sold price which I am not. It doesn’t give me any link to sign up or register.


  3. Your guys did excellent job.
    Also the sold information looks like does not get update timely especially areas like Barrie, Bradford etc.


  4. I love this website. Unfortunately, I can no longer access the sold price and it won’t let me register to allow this either. An easier process is better. I hope to work this issue out somehow…


  5. Great Website. It will be even better if the region can be extended to nearby cities such as Hamilton and Guelph area.


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